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Why Won’t The Candidates Talk About What Really Matters?

October 21, 2010 by  
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According to Roona Maloney, Executive Director of The Children’s Storefront, the front runners in the Mayoral campaign are suffering from tunnel vision.

“Can they really not see that there’s more to running the city than cutting taxes, building subways and deciding where to let people ride their bikes?” Maloney asks. “We contacted each candidate to ask about their vision for programs that support families and build community in the city and I think it’s appalling that we haven’t been able to get any kind of meaningful response.”

The Storefront is Toronto’s oldest parent-child centre, a space where parents, children and caregivers from neighbourhoods across the city have gathered to connect, form friendships, share food and build community for over thirty-five years.  Their home at Bathurst and Dupont was destroyed by fire a year ago. They found temporary shelter for the program in the gym of the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club and after eleven months of planning and fundraising construction is underway on a new space at the corner of Bloor and Shaw.

“We’ve received an absolutely amazing amount of support from the community and from donors since the fire,” says Michelle De Souza.  “But the silence of the politicians has been deafening.”

De Souza adds that in the remaining time before the election she still hopes to hear something constructive from the men who would be mayor about the city’s social issues and, in particular, about support for programs that serve children and families. She urges candidates to take a look the whole picture.  “How is it possible to run for mayor with only a narrow vision of the city?   Programs that address social issues, support families and build a strong, healthy community have to be at least as important as building subways and bike lanes.”


Roona Maloney


Michele De Souza


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