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Survey for Mother’s Task Force on Child Care – Closes Father’s Day!

May 22, 2011 by  
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Are you a mother? Mothers For Childcare (mothersforchildcare.ca) want to hear what you think about how child care does and should work.

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to let you know about the newly-created Mothers Task Force on Child Care, which was launched on Mother’s Day.

Mothers, as a group, still have primary responsibility for child care, yet their voices and concerns aren’t heard in debates on child care in Toronto.  The Task Force will provide an opportunity for mothers to have their say on child care issues. It will also provide an opportunity to hear what other mothers and fathers have to say using a survey available in both print and electronic format. Results from the surveys will be compiled into a public report for media, decision-makers and the general public.


1. Fill out the survey online now – go to www.mothersforchildcare.ca

2. Forward this message to your friends, family, and other networks

3. Volunteer for the campaign – we need your help to visit groups and meetings across Toronto and get more people to fill out the survey, and there are lots of other ways to help!

If you are part of an organization, we need your help too! Organizations can support the campaign by:

1. Forwarding this message to your lists

2. Hosting a discussion about child care where participants can fill out the survey

3. Endorsing the Task Force – let us know if we can list your organization on our web site as a supporter.

For further information or to get involved, visit www.mothersforchildcare.ca or contact me at 416-962-8881 x 232 ormothersforchildcare@gmail.com.


Alexandra Mandelis, Organizer

Mothers for Child Care

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