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March 22, 2016 by  
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AGATHOM Co.(the brilliant and beloved designers of the Children’s Storefront) has been shortlisted for the ARCHITZER A+ Awards. AGATHOM Co. is among the five selected finalists in the Residential Private House (XS <1000 sq ft) category.  You can vote for AGATHOM’s Rainforest Retreat project from March 15 – April 1 on:

vote for Agathom

vote for Agathom




Please cast your vote here on ARCHITIZER’S award page:

1.       Click on the link: awards.architizer.com/public/voting/?cid=1

2.       Select: See All Categories

3.       Select: Residential Private House (XS <1000 sq ft)

4.       Click on the Rainforest Retreat image

5.       Log into via your Architizer, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account

6.       Vote for AGATHOM Co.’s Rainforest Retreat!

 Please vote and spread the word!





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