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Funding Information

The Children’s Storefront is funded by both the municipal government and the provincial government. The City has traditionally funded one third of our operating cost and the remaining two thirds is funded by the Ontario government.

Currently, we are relying on fundraising for  21% of our operating  budget.  We have some confidence that our funders are working to  decrease the gap in our operating funding operating deficit is due to the loss of our former facility , the need to raise the money to relocate , renovate and replace all that was lost in the fire.  Our costs for this location are greater than   our former home and there is a lag in the time that the City and Province are able to increase our core funding.
We are hopeful that the gap will decrease and that eventually our fundraising efforts will be directed more toward a long range strategic plan to ensure that The Children’s Storefront always has a home in the community and less toward the day to day operating costs.

Families  and caregivers who come to the Storefront are asked to fill in a family information form and to sign in at each visit – the details of this information remain confidential. However, we do report on the number of families registered and the number of adults and children who visit on a daily basis. This information is reported to the city on a quarterly basis and in our annual budget submission.  The data collected ensures that we are providing service to the community in a cost efficient manner and that there are sufficient families and caregivers who participate in our program.